Désireux de retrouver nos racines polonaises, nous avons sollicité les services de Michał et Jakub en leurs qualités de généalogistes chercheurs et guides pour un premier voyage en Pologne réalisé en mai 2019. Leurs recherches approfondies... Read more Paulette Zelmat, Paris
„I did a tour with Insiders to visit the places of my grandparents in Poland ( in the former part of Germany called Schlesien ). I met Jakob as I did a weekend trip to Krakow and I really enjoyed the city tour he did. So I asked him again for a... Read more Christian Erb, Nordrhein-Westfallen, Germany
„For a trip to southern Poland I highly recommend our guide, Jakub Czuprynski, who took, my husband and I, and three cousins through six small towns near Czestochowa the first part of May, 2011. Various parts of my father’s family had lived in... Read more Cheryl Tallan, c.tallan@utoronto.ca
My wife and I hired Jakub Czupryński of guide-poland.com to not only research our ancestors, but to give us a guided tour once research was completed.   We were amazing at how far back Jakub and his team were able to trace our... Read more Marshall Jay Kaplan, TV producer & director